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Extreme productivity for Primefaces

Tweet I am ready to announce the next version of Deltaset - 0.8.2 ( ) Four days after the initial public release, several discussions and strong opinions from the community :) and the integration with the popular Primefaces ( ) is ready :) What is Deltaset Project promising ? A full blown , Primefaces integrated, JSF 2.0 based, ready to run on Google Application Engine ( ) application in less then 10 minutes. How ?! Just type: mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog= choose deltaset-primefaces-gae-archetype and the fun begins :) the live demos are here : You can read more about the Deltaset project in my previous post : Extreme productivity with JSF 2.0 and Deltaset Have fun :) And I'm definitely waiting for your feedback, questions and proposals ;)

Extreme productivity with JSF 2.0 and Deltaset

Tweet I am going to introduce you to the newly created "Deltaset Project" . I have just released the first publicly avaiable version - 0.8.1. It is the logical 'next step' after my prevoius post : The number of people, who read it, is quite impressive.. 14,429... If you type "jsf 2.0 spring 3" you can see that same post, and refenreces to it, occupying the first page of google, bing and yahoo. And definitly , I have not used any SEO techniques :). I want to say big "THANK YOU GUYS !" to everyone who has appreciated that post; to all the great comments; to all the mails which I've received. My biggest issue was that the ideas, which I've presented here, were not ready for support, change and mass usage. It was just a showcase of "how a java web application could be developed efficiently". Now ... after several months of work, few sleepless nights

JSF 2.0 with Spring 3 and Spring Security 3 on Google Application Engine

In this post I'm going to show a simple fully integrated CRUD style application working on Google Application Engine. The technologies used are : JSF 2.0 - Mojarra 2.0.2 Spring 3.0.0.RELEASE Spring Security 3.0.0.RELEASE Hibernate Validator 4.0.2.GA as reference implementation of JSR 303: Bean Validation AspectJ 1.6.7 Groovy and the gmaven-plugin You can see a live demo at : UPDATE(22 August 2010) You can compare with : and see the project created based on the ideas in that post : The application is build with Maven 2.2.1 For local execution you would need Google App Engine SDK 1.3.0 1.3.1 The archetype was updated on 11 February 2010, so that works for latest Google App Engine - 1.3.1 If you want to play and customize it you would need to have installed and configured Java, Maven and Google App Engine SDK Choose gae-archetype after running : mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCata