Extreme productivity for Primefaces

I am ready to announce the next version of Deltaset - 0.8.2 ( http://www.deltaset.org/ )
Four days after the initial public release, several discussions and strong opinions from the community :) and the integration with the popular Primefaces (www.primefaces.org/) is ready :)

What is Deltaset Project promising ?

A full blown , Primefaces integrated, JSF 2.0 based, ready to run on Google Application Engine ( www.appspot.com ) application in less then 10 minutes.

How ?!

Just type:

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=http://deltaset.googlecode.com/svn/maven2/

choose deltaset-primefaces-gae-archetype

and the fun begins :)

the live demos are here :



You can read more about the Deltaset project in my previous post :
Extreme productivity with JSF 2.0 and Deltaset

Have fun :)
And I'm definitely waiting for your feedback, questions and proposals ;)


  1. Can I deploy the application in tomcat with mysql
    Also I prefer to use JPA 2 (eclipselink).


  2. I will release soon archetype for tomcat/jetty and JPA 2. the current archetypes are only for Google Application Engine


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