Alpaquita Containers Reduce Container Footprint for a Spring Boot App

I’ve just tried the new Alpaquita Containers. The result in my case was that the image size went down from 370MB to 162MB. That is about 56% less, which is pretty good !

How I tested it ?

I’ve used the example code from one of my previous articles How to Build a Spring Boot Monolith with JBang if you want to try it yourself, you can clone the repository.

git clone
cd examples/jbang/spring-boot-jpa-vue

this will build the image based on amazoncorretto:21-alpine

docker compose build 

then to build the image based on bellsoft/liberica-runtime-container:jdk-21-slim-musl you have to execute the following

docker compose -f bellsoft-compose.yaml build  

As I’ve written above - the result is 56% smaller image you could see for yourself by executing

docker images  

here is the output I received

REPOSITORY                    TAG         IMAGE ID       CREATED             SIZE
spring-boot-jpa-vue_backend   bellsoft    810e09bf2907   12 seconds ago      162MB
spring-boot-jpa-vue_backend   aws-alpine  d9e33d5a9219   About a minute ago  370MB

Give them a try, you can browse the images here

Thanks and..

Coffee Time!

Happy coding!

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