After 1003 days I have a new site!

Welcome to Dimitar Makariev’s next chapter on the web!

My old blog - - is no longer active, but I won’t delete it. It reminds me of the importance and impact of blogging. It helped me launch my career as a consultant. And it also taught me how not to maintain a blog. Back in 2010, some of my posts gained popularity and caught the attention of the right people who helped me start my journey as a consultant. Since then, I have worked as an independent consultant, built a small software agency with eight engineers, and delivered some amazing projects!

But life changes. Now I am mostly on my own again :) My focus now is to go back to the basics, create valuable content, engage with the audience, and explore new opportunities.

Hello World

Last, but not least I would like to express my gratitude to Dean Attali for creating the amazing Beautiful Jekyll theme. just for completeness, here is the get started

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